Why Doctors, Nurses and Students prefer Littman Stethoscope?

A stethoscope is synonymous with the medical fraternity and always pictured around a doctor’s neck. It is the most important instrument found in a doctor’s set. A stethoscope is the primary tool of investigation and diagnosis used by physicians, nurses and specialist doctors worldwide to examine and detect problems and irregularities in a patient.

If you are wondering that in today’s age of sophisticated and high end technologically advanced tools why is a stethoscope still considered the primary tool of investigation, then it is because a stethoscope helps with auscultation, that is, it helps to listen clearly to the sounds of the internal organs of a human body such as the lungs, heart, intestines and even sounds and heart beats of a developing foetus in a mother’s womb. Since it can help hear internal sounds clearly and help distinguish between normal and abnormal sounds made by the body, the stethoscope can help point out and localise the problematic area when a patient enters for examination. After this initial examination specialized tools and equipment’s can be employed for the treatment of the specific problem but the stethoscope helps fasten and localise the area of pain and help speed diagnosis and is therefore even today used as the primary tool of investigation by doctors, nurses and even students.


A good quality stethoscope must possess all of the above qualities for efficient functioning and all these qualities are present in Littmann stethoscopes. The Littmann stethoscopes have been in the market for close to 45 years and were named after David Littmann, a medical school professor who created a refined stethoscope that was light in weight and had improved acoustics. These stethoscopes are in high demand among the doctors, nurses and students.

The Littmann stethoscopes are known for their high quality, great acoustics sensitivity, ease of carrying them, tunable diaphragms, non-chill rims, double sided chest pieces, latex free tubing, insulated tubes and are not very heavy too. Also various specialised stethoscopes are part of the Littmann product list such as Littmann classic stethoscopes, Littmann cardiology stethoscope, Littmann electronics stethoscopes etc which can be used as per the physician’s speciality and requirement. The wide range of Littmann stethoscopes make them ideal for nurses, medical students and doctors alike and have been a reliable tool for medical professionals and students alike for number of years.

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